Ex Ateneo – Exhibition feb 26 – mar 13

The project is entirely dedicated to Tomaso Pizio and to the evolutionary artistic process which took him from figuration to abstraction, therefore to the development of his unique style.
The exhibition, realized under the patronage of Comune di Bergamo, displays oil paintings and drawings from 1970 to 1999.
The theme on which the comparison will take place between the first figurative period and the abstract period is the relationship that Pizio had with two cities, Bergamo (the hometown) and Vencice (where he started his career). The strong connection between the two cities and the artist is exalted through every brushstrokes. Moreover, the exhibition displays a sort of jurney: the first Venetian views include self-portraits and they indicate a period of artistic and personal training, while the latest works represent a greater self-confidence and maturity, both artstical and personal. The visuality, the composition and the color of his paintings are the distinctive traits of his art.
Visitors will be able to capture the artist’s stylistic evolution and they also will deal with different expressions and times.

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