Certificate of authenticity

Tomaso Pizio’s family – jointly with the “Arte di Tomaso Pizio” Association – intends to create a general archive of all the artist’s works, therefore it takes on the task of authenticating the aforsaid. 

The request must be accompained by:

  • Photographic documentation of excellent quality – in duplicate – of both the front and the bach of the work;
  • The following information: title, technique, dimensions, year of execution, any stamps or labels attesting the partecipation to exhibitions, name of the owner and relative phone number, provenance (or how it came into possession of the owner who requests the authentication).

The Family will keep a copy of the photos for the General Archive.
The cost of the authentication procedure varies according to the technique and measure:

charcoal, for each size, € 50.00
watercolor, for each size, € 50.00
oil, from 28 × 24 to 30 × 60, € 50.00
oil, from 30 × 80 to 60 × 80, € 100.00
oil, from 80 × 100 to 100 × 150, € 150.00

The documentation for authentication requests can be delivered by hand by appointment (phone numer 349 8496455) or sent by post to:

Tomaso Pizio

Via alla Zarda n 2 / b

24123 Bergamo