Tomaso Pizio – Bologna

Fragrance of the woods, caught at the entrance of a large fir forest located in the heart of the Bergamo Orobie, which slightly announces a native feeling.
That of the village of Schilpario, immersed in the Val di Scalve and homeland of Tomaso Pizio.
Born in 1932, an eclectic artist whose initial creative vein makes use of the materials available on site, originating his first artistic creations: different styles embraced over time from which a rich and varied production, marked in painting by precise contours, at the beginning, which graphically evoke a rocky context with a strongly human and familiar imprint to later lead to the professional maturity of a chromatic explosion, abstract synonymous with an inner balance – also achieved thanks to his wife Ida – where color is dominant, it takes up the hues of the place of origin and sometimes becomes tormented, if stretched far from his own land.
And frescoes, drawings if not sketches, the latter with a naturally lively and passionate trait, sometimes preparatory but in reality already finished and clearly legible in their completeness.

Galleria Falcone e Borsellino 2D 18/A
40122 Bologna

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